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Hi, Chantal from Chunlin designs here :) I'm your host for the February Lovely Colors challenge.

This challenge is SUPER EASY!  Each month the WLS Designers create their own take on a single color palette.  So, while the themes may differ, the colors all coordinate with each other. Simply visit the Lovely Colors category for this month and make your own collab.  You can pick up all the products from one designer if you want their collection or you can mix and match however you want.  Once you have your packs you just create a layout with it to receive the credit for this challenge.

You'll find the Lovely Colors for February HERE .

Here is the color palette for this month:


and here the previews of this month wonderful creations:

_kiss_Crazy4Luv_ap_prev.jpg.c19cccbb04e740c200c2921a39c01b38.jpg.ac6dbb5857966ab63619bf0134f67bc4.jpg _kiss_Crazy4Luv_pp_prev.jpg.64f08fce5f02432514e8e5afec963986.jpg.473b6f6cda6104154e37d3b96138c49f.jpg _kiss_Crazy4Luv_sp_prev.jpg.a4eb1e8c6fd9e0f9f547a7b125579bf9.jpg.3ed4e417f969c0d19a74285c8cfd1e9d.jpg Aurelie_MyHeartIsBlooming_bdtpl_pv.jpg.4eec296021e50d1d6549994193a189b7.jpg.054e4d8d2dd6d515287094195d080065.jpg Aurelie_MyHeartIsBlooming_el_pv.jpg.a3bcc78c7b383293a4f68aa23e4f7fd8.jpg.8c5dc84440e8193cf968deb8ead6fe51.jpg Aurelie_MyHeartIsBlooming_pp_pv.jpg.ca43e49195e884658ecbe28d10d0f7df.jpg.6a87baa3c44aaf952fa29b2e3533c6fc.jpg cday-LMOLM-appreview.jpg.46466e29722c3cfc172f50ff9cd51f5b.jpg.c5bf06178e08f2d93ad888304e06ec2c.jpg cday-LMOLM-borderspreview.jpg.1d890a97dc2cce98cac9fff12a1eab2c.jpg.00d5255367ad62db252b33022d6ef710.jpg cday-LMOLM-eppreview.jpg.3b601cb1aa9a19248a2102a7a594e653.jpg.e0f54dc965fe01545d598cf9da73bcef.jpg cday-LMOLM-flairpreview.jpg.c25ce1b40f311a68b73831d672b3ffe1.jpg.930b7ddb50a807606ef9baac6211f6ec.jpg cday-LMOLM-glitterspreview.jpg.178754af1fa4f54117d5365745605e45.jpg.6575fc74c1e57691228bdae12f2e50f9.jpg cday-LMOLM-jcpreview.jpg.ac330043c650302beeadb55f9f2dbed7.jpg.8e22a618f2baa9cb375224052b4301a7.jpg cday-LMOLM-plaidpppreview.jpg.62edf7295784bf7b6573b7efe0230740.jpg.fb2a0f5d9efd972756e898c74ab05674.jpg cday-LMOLM-pppreview.jpg.8f4568b7b9d7cc287f946b55cf310c91.jpg.3c226f44bbe78b49fbaf430588b4d5b4.jpg cday-LMOLM-xpppreview.jpg.b09d88e03a97e4a103fdecef4ec8c6bc.jpg.82b3b291a298f32b02a3a1dd218675f5.jpg  chunlin-littlegoudog-prev-pp.jpg.cabce34f30570011816170fe7cc18eae.jpgchunlin-littlegoudog-prev.jpg.e0fe0ab5f78862b3ec4a38f9df4ae2c8.jpg  chunlin-littlegoudog-prev-br.jpg.f0afde831cafb5c73e60b780c4bd1344.jpg chunlin-littlegoudog-prev-wa.jpg.9064dbbb1f765439b81b8021c8d9b17a.jpg chunlin-littlegoudog-prev-jc.jpg.b335ab89df6eec6328093b325e08f50a.jpg


Create a new layout unique to this challenge using any of the February 2018 Lovely Color packs from our store.  Catch them while they are on sale for $1.00 each beginning on January 10th until January 15th!

How to earn our Love Tokens:

  1. To receive tokens, you must use at least 10% of WLS products - You can use retired WLS products, sample kits, freebies, and store collabs. BUT the designers must be still active (except for store collabs) 
  2. The layout for each challenge must be new and unique. You cannot use the same layout for more than one challenge.
  3. Upload your layout to the appropriate Challenges Gallery and this thread
  4. Post your links in the MONTHLY TRACKING THREAD as well
  5. Challenge ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on the end of month of February 2018!

You will receive 1 Love Token for completing this challenge with 10% WLS products and a Bonus Token for 100% WLS products!! Those add up quickly and 20 points will get you a $5 gift certificate to the WLS store!

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Ten years ago
We decided to get married
We stopped to take care of ourselves
We decided to live our lives side by side
And that has been my peace.

I have to say that this kit is fabulous, I really will do much more!



Edited by Mila Cris VthSotis

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