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Jazzmom's 2018 Tracking Log

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Beginning token count: 0

January challenges:

  1. XOXO Collab
  2. '3' Photos challenge
  3. Avatar: 100% WLS - 2 tokens
  4. Bingo : 100% WLS - 2 tokens
  5. Font
  6. Pocket Scrapbooking
  7. Sample Kit challenge - Senior Year: 100% WLS - 2 tokens
  8. Scraplift challenge
  9. Shape
  10. Signature
  11. Technique challenge

Bonus Rewards for an additional 5% coupon:  

  1. Comment Start Count: 28
  2. Comment End Count:
  3. Layout of the Month submission:
  4. Gallery Standout (at least 2 submissions):
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