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Monthly Challenge Reward FAQ!

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We have a wonderful team and community here at WLS... and we are trying something new!!

All challenges are worth 1 Love Token - just complete and post a new layout using 10% of WLS product in the correct challenge thread and gallery. A Bonus Token will be given if the layout is created by using 100% WLS designers' product. All Tokens will need to be tracked in our monthly tracking thread so that your tokens can be checked and verified and you will get your Gift Certificate for collecting the amount needed. You will receive 1 Love Token for 50 comments or more each month. You can earn 1 Love Token for posting your choice for both the gallery standouts and the layout of the month.

You can use our free samples, retired products, freebies, and store collaborations for these challenges but they must be from Current Designers - minus the collabs.

Tracking & Earning Love Tokens

In our Tracking thread, create a post for your own tracking -
Megan 2017 Tracking (Meg Scott Studio)Here you copy and past each month's tracking as a new comment in your post and track your progress. You will need to post a link to your layout in the gallery next to the Challenge description. Mark your beginning and ending comments each month and a link to your gallery standouts and layout of the month.

Monthly (may vary a little):

  1. Featured Designer
  2. Lovely Colors
  3. XOXO Collab
  4. Technique Challenge
  5. Create a kit using one of the sample kits
  6. Template
  7. Use it All
  8. Scraplift Challenge
  9. Signature
  10. Pocket Scrapbooking

Bi-Monthly Challenges - these will rotate:

  1. Bingo
  2. Hybrid Inspiration
  3. Font Challenge
  4. Journaling Challenge
  5. Shape Challenge
  6. Brush Challenge

Other Challenges may be added each month or added in our Designers area for a special prize from them:

  1.  Song Lyric Challenge
  2.  Quote Challenge
  3.  Calendar/Desktop Challenge
  4.  Color Challenge (this is one where you choose a color popular in your kits - post 2 to 3 of your kits that use the color as an example)
  5.  Recipe Challenge
  6.  Ad Challenge
  7.  ABC Challenge
  8.  5 Things I....Challenge
  9.  Selfie Challenge
  10.  Avatar
  11.  Repeat an element ‘x’ amount of times
  12.  3 photos
  13.  Find inspiration from a Pinterest Board
  14.  Art Journaling
  15.  ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap
  16.  Brag Book Swap
  17.  White Space

Bonus Rewards:  

  1. Posts Start Count:      
  2. Posts End Count:
  3. Layout of the Month submission:
  4. Gallery Standout (at least 2 submissions):

Love Tokens:

For every 20 Tokens earned you will received a $5.00 gift certificate for the WLS store, to be used for PU items only. Those bonus points will add up, here is an example:

November 2017
Beginning Token count: 0

XOXO Challenge: linked layout to gallery = 1 token + 1 token for 100% WLS product
Template Challenge: linked layout to gallery = 1 token
Pocket Challenge: linked layout to gallery = 1 token + 1 token for 100% WLS product
Font Challenge: linked layout to gallery = 1 token
Signature Challenge: linked layout to gallery = 1 token + 1 token for 100% WLS product
Counting comments before and after: 1 token
2 Gallery Standouts and Monthly Layout Sub = 1 token

Total Tokens = 10 tokens
Due that for two months and you earn a $5 gift certificate


1) The layout for each challenge must be new and unique. You cannot use the same layout for more than one challenge.
2) Follow the rules for each challenge!! 

Thanks to each of you who play along with us each month. We hope you enjoy our new challenge set-up!!

Happy scrapping!

updated: 11/17

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