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What are you (or your kiddos) going to be for Halloween?

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I have always LOVED Halloween!  A chance to be something/someone you're not!  :)  

This year my kiddos (9 year old boy and 10 year old girl) have decided to ditch the cutesy costumes and do something slightly scary.  They're dressing up as Zombie Hunter and a Girly-ish Grim Reaper.   I'm still trying to decide If I'm going to dress up with them or not.   If I do I'll probably go as Luna Lovegood, love her character on Harry Potter... never afraid to just be herself! :)

So...what are your plans as far as Dressing up?   

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Not sure what my oldest and her fiance plan on being this year but they tend to do silly things like be 'Superman' together. 

My youngest wants to be a dead unicorn.. she saw a tutorial online on how to make the horn from foil. I am a little sad inside. I will probably, turn off the lights this year since hubby is not home to set up the mad scientist lab and maze. 

I love the idea of the Luna Lovegood costume. I say go for it!!

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One of my daughters, age 11 is going to be a girlish Grim reaper.  LOL  She's usually a princess or something pretty...  last year I spent a ton of time sewing a blue ball gown for a Cinderella costume (I'll post a pic).  It was amazing, but I'm kind a glad we're going simple  this year.  My 9 year old son is going to be a Soul taker and my 13 year old daughter is going to be Winifred of the Sanderson sisters with her friends being the other sisters...  should be fun!  

2016-10-31 11.16.38.jpg

2016-10-31 11.18.06.jpg


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