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  1. cute page!
  2. good lesson to learn! i learned that long ago in speed scraps. "add bling to your page" ... "WHAT?? this is the boy-est page ever!" lol
  3. you sure did!
  4. that's an awesome page Barbara! If I yell BOO do you get scared??
  5. I love flamingos and when I was little I called them Bingos... so my new kit had to be called Flamingo Bingo! It's bold and fun and I hope you love it as much as I do! Great for spunky girl photos and visits to the zoo. Part of the Lovely Colors this month - each pack is $1.00 each through August 16.
  6. Lovely Colors packs are coming on the 10th, I have an awesomely fun new kit coming!
  7. I have a great freebie on my blog and coordinating kit in the shop. This week til the 14th the kit is 50% off! Kit - blog -
  8. What a deal! Each bundle is only $3.00 this week! Only at WLS!
  9. I have a pretty new collection in my shop - perfect for trips to the Caribbean or any beachy visits! 30% off til the 10th. Caribbean Cruise Collection
  10. I love recipe challenges! And I love ice cream! So we're going to make some ice cream... and a layout! Follow these directions using the Ice Cream kits you picked up! I - Let's start out easy - Put at least one ice cream element on your page. C - Make your main photo in the center area of the page. You can add any number of photos you like. It doesn't have to be precisely in the center, but center-ish. E - BTW - make sure that main photo shows some emotion! Let's hope it is happy since there is ice cream involved! Or sad if you drop your ice cream. C - Add at least 3 clusters to your page. Clusters are element groupings of several elements. Mix and match with flowers and other cute elements! R - Add at least 3 ribbons to your page. E - I like lots of elements on my pages... make sure your page has at least 20 elements! A - Add at least 1 arrow to your page. M - Place a paper mat behind all of your photos.
  11. been there done that Barbara lol Did you know my son starts high school next week? GAH! I'm pretty sure he's still like 3, right??
  12. Camp Out - Pool Party -
  13. Welcome to this month's Pocket Scrapping Challenge! I am a big fan of pocket pages, I have lots of Pocket templates and kits in my shop. I always have a hard time with my pocket layouts unless I have a template! To help you out, here is a coupon to grab any of my pocket themed templates this month, to get you started! Coupon - FranB_pockets, Expires - Aug 31, 2017 Good for 50% off everything in the Project Life / 365/ 52 category by FranB Designs only. So your mission is to complete a pocket style page. That's it! Check out my page using Pocket Life 2 and my new kit Got Faith? coming out August 4th! Love Rewards: To earn a 15% discount, you'll need to scrap 5 challenges To earn a 25% discount, you'll need to scrap 10 challenges To earn a 35% discount, you'll need to get complete all the challenges Challenge Rules: 1) The layout for each challenge must be new and unique. You cannot use the same layout for more than one challenge. 2) Layouts are simple, of course we would love to see what you come up with our Designer's kits, but we want you to know you may use outside kits for these challenges as long as you do not post outside links in the gallery. 3) Upload your layout to the appropriate challenge gallery. 4) Post your links in the Monthly Tracking Thread. 5) Challenge ends at 11:59pm PST on the last day of the month.