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  1. The stores aren't empty, they just aren't tagged to the designer. The kits are in the shop, you just need to do a search to get them.. or the blog if that's faster.
  2. It's NSD! I hope you are ready to have some fun! I have an image with small clips of 10 kits in the shop. Your job is to figure out which kits they are and PM me the answers. Everyone that answers correct will win a $3.00 gift certificate to my shop, to be used after NSD! The 10 designers are: Chunlin Designs, Digital Couture, FranB Designs, Heather Z Scraps, JMC Designs, Kelsey {Inspired} Designs, Manda Lane Scraps, Meg Scott Studio, Miss Mis Designs, Scrappin Serenity Figure out which kits are on the image and PM me your answers by Sunday night. I know I did not number the image, but please number them 1-10 top to bottom, left to right. There will be "found me" images in the extra images for the kit, it was the only way we could do it, so please be patient with us. It will be the first image. And please note that due to time zones, etc, not every kit may have the "found me" image. Feel free to ask questions in the thread, but no answers and no clues, unless I give them.
  3. I'm gonna extend this through NSD since it is this weekend! And I just added bunches more kits to the shop! So keep em coming!
  4. I can't say I'm in love from Hercules (which was just on my playlist 2 mins ago) where are we going?
  5. blue
  6. that one's not mine
  7. NSD is coming and I have bunches of freebies coming your way next week! They will be on my blog, in my newsletter, on my facebook page and in my facebook group. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter ahead of time and join my fb group and like my fb page so you will be ready for next week! All links are in my sig! First freebies will be posted May 1, with more on May 5th!!!
  8. i like to be singing in the rain who are you with?
  9. cane
  10. cubs not cubs and other not cubs gimme 3 football teams
  11. Hi Megan Ironically, I think flowers are my favorite element to scrap with, but among my least favorite to put in a kit (the repetitiveness of it is what I don't like about them in designing).
  12. Hi! Fran here! I design as FranB Designs. It's good to be home! WLS was my very first shop, and I was here when it first opened it's doors! Head over to my shop, take a look around, find something you like, and post it back in this post! 5 winners will win their wish. Full kits only, no bundles or collections. And I have not finished filling up my shop, so I will be adding kits every day! So you can come back every day until April 30 and find a new kit to add to your wish list. I will pick the winners on the 1st. Extended to continue through NSD - one kit per post tho!
  13. chevy ford rolls royce gimme 3 countries in europe
  14. reindeer
  15. i'm going back to indiana (jackson 5) and yes i live in indiana what do you wear?