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  1. gukica

    Colorful Spring

    Such a lovely kit, full of spring colors!
  2. gukica

    Your Smiles

    Very cute layout
  3. gukica

    Lovely Friends

    Oooh! I love white space layouts! Great choice for photo mats
  4. gukica


    Aaaw, lovely and cute!
  5. gukica


    So cute! I love those clusters
  6. gukica

    Pinterest Inspiration Ch

    Oh my, that was some job to do! Great result!
  7. gukica

    Party Font Ch

    I love that artsy paper! And great place for journaling
  8. gukica

    Did you know?

    He he, Barbara, I have an idea for your flowers. Take your time to scan them if you have scanner - or put them on white background and take photos... then send those by e-mail to our designers and help them design new kits Did you know that during these months without WLS I actually got better in making layouts? So much better that (on Gingerscraps) I got nominated for best layout of the week, now for the third time!!! I can't wait to do our challenges!
  9. gukica


    Hey girls! I miss you all sooo much! it's good to see all the gang back here. I'm getting ready to be all over Digiland again, and do some fun challenges. Have a great day, all!