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  1. girls, always check Amazon for free e-books. This is link for Instant pot - all free books, but if you don't have Kindle, you can convert it online in PDF and by the way, when you're on Amazon, find their free app Kindle for PC and install it, so that you can easily save all downloaded books. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?keywords=instant+pot&rh=n%3A133140011%2Cn%3A154606011%2Cn%3A156154011%2Ck%3Ainstant+pot&qid=1491420634&sort=price-asc-rank and trust me, you'll get hooked on it when you see how many free books there are
  2. Colorful Spring

    Such a lovely kit, full of spring colors!
  3. Your Smiles

    Very cute layout
  4. Lovely Friends

    Oooh! I love white space layouts! Great choice for photo mats
  5. Beautiful

    Aaaw, lovely and cute!
  6. SabyneChristalySpringfever.jpg

    So cute! I love those clusters
  7. Pinterest Inspiration Ch

    Oh my, that was some job to do! Great result!
  8. Party Font Ch

    I love that artsy paper! And great place for journaling
  9. Did you know?

    He he, Barbara, I have an idea for your flowers. Take your time to scan them if you have scanner - or put them on white background and take photos... then send those by e-mail to our designers and help them design new kits Did you know that during these months without WLS I actually got better in making layouts? So much better that (on Gingerscraps) I got nominated for best layout of the week, now for the third time!!! I can't wait to do our challenges!
  10. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey girls! I miss you all sooo much! it's good to see all the gang back here. I'm getting ready to be all over Digiland again, and do some fun challenges. Have a great day, all!