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  1. From the album Then and Now

    For the Lyric Challenge in July, made with my Birthstone Collection: Awesome April kit. Love the lyrics, and song it is from! Super fun challenge!
  2. K. I finally finished this one:) Then and Now...
  3. From the album Love us

    Modern Love (sample kit) by Midnight Owl for the Sample Kit Challenge.
  4. I chose a sample kit from Midnight Owl, and I loved all her cute little ellies!
  5. Thank you so much! I just love ribbon!! And castles;)
  6. Fun layout!!
  7. This is so lovely! Great layout:)
  8. From the album Family Reunion at the Castle

    For this month's challenge, we are isolating color! I love doing this. It is so fun to do color isolation! I used my kit, Stroke of Midnight which is a Little Princess ie Cinderella!
  9. This is so creative! Very fun:)
  10. Oh I love it!!! So cool!
  11. No, you use the layout I chose by Jazz2000, meeting Pooh and change it up with different shapes, etc? Does that make sense? I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  12. Thank you! I am going to search this! Sounds fun:)
  13. It seemed to be working. So you type in your search term, like "girls," then after the results come up, you click on *Shop by Designer and choose the Designer name and just their products tagged with "girls" will show. I hope that helps?
  14. What a fun colorful kit! I guess I'd better get planning a trip...