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  1. Okay who's ready to play? I updated my scrapbook... with pictures of me with my loves through this year... How fun is this to see how we've changed...
  2. Fall Birthdays

    Who has a fall birthday? Two of my kids have fall birthdays. One in September and the other in October, actually tomorrow. What do you love about fall birthdays? I feel like we always have to do Halloween themed parties... maybe that's just what my kids like though. What are some things you've done for fall celebrations?
  3. Fall Festivals

    In Utah, this time of year, Pumpkin patches are a big hit! My kids love going on the hay rides and picking our their own pumpkins. This pic is from 6 years ago or so... they're now age 13, 11, and 9.
  4. Chatter - what do you love to scrap the most?

    Yes! Disney trips for sure! And I'm so behind... I'm random. Sometimes I love to scrap anything with my cute kids. Other times I take a trip down memory lane and scrap myself when I was younger. And other times, I do a bit of family history scrapping. I just love it all!
  5. Respect Your Selfie- in other words... it's all about YOU - So many times as a mom, wife, etc. we take pictures of our cute kids and everyone else but us. So for this challenge, make sure YOU are in the layout. You can focus on something you are proud of, a happy moment or moments in time, etc. So fun! I can't wait to see everyone's happy moments with YOU:) Here's a layout I did years ago with my kit, Yours for Eternity, which is in the Bring it Back sale now! The reason why this kit is special to me is that it has the colors of my wedding. So I created this original layout in 2012 to give my husband to show how we went from 2 to 5 in our cute family. This has inspired me to go back and do years 2013 till now, so I will be back with a new updated layout with ME in it!
  6. It's not my favorite time of year... I do enjoy it when the extreme heat goes away. But fall colors are my least favorite and everything seems so dark and dreary. haha Sorry I know I'm surrounded by fall lovers. My husband and children are some of them. So I make the best of it, try to make Halloween fun for everyone, and pick the brightest oranges and yellows for my decor to keep it lighter for me:) I do enjoy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies freshly baked...
  7. One of my daughters, age 11 is going to be a girlish Grim reaper. LOL She's usually a princess or something pretty... last year I spent a ton of time sewing a blue ball gown for a Cinderella costume (I'll post a pic). It was amazing, but I'm kind a glad we're going simple this year. My 9 year old son is going to be a Soul taker and my 13 year old daughter is going to be Winifred of the Sanderson sisters with her friends being the other sisters... should be fun!
  8. With Love on Instagram Contest!!

    How fun! I love instagram! Can't wait to see everyone's posts:)
  9. My Girls

    Made with my Little Princess Collection: Bella Enchanted kit, in stores soon! For the scraplift challenge in August. Come play!
  10. Summer Birthday Boy

    I created this layout for the 3 photo Challenge for July. I used my Lovely Colors (for July) kit, Boys Will Be Boys. Boys are harder for me to do for some reason, but I think I love how this turned out. He loves lizards as well as his bike so it was fun for him to see this page:)
  11. sandbox.jpg

    This is such a cute page!
  12. Beach Fun

    This is super cute! I need to try pocket scrapbooking. So fun!
  13. July 2017 Sample Challenge

    This looks great! Is this for the sample kit challenge? It is in the scraplift gallery. Beautiful words though...
  14. Then and Now

    For the Lyric Challenge in July... "Your love was handmade for somebody like me" made with my Awesome April kit from my Birthstone Collection.
  15. Love us

    For the Sample Kit Challenge, I chose a sample from Midnight Owl - Modern Love, and I love all the cute elements!! Modern Love (sample kit) by Midnight Owl for the Sample Kit Challenge.