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  1. HAPPY DSD!!! What are you getting???!!

    Ok, so I'm sure I'm not alone when I say DSD is just like CHRISTMAS for any scrapper!! The deals are always amazing and my poor wish lists end up bulging at the seams once my DSD dollars are spent! Show me what you've found here at WLS that you are picking up!! I've been eyeing this one by Growing Pains Scrapped - Girls Camp! My daughter just went for the first time this summer and she is STILL talking about it! She already has plans to go again next year and CANNOT WAIT for June to get here! (Me too, I'm such a SUMMER girl!! So, what has caught your eye?? https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/girls-camp-kit/
  2. Happy DSD everyone!!! This challenge is very simple! Participants need to create a new layout about trying something and achieving your goal. It can be about ANYTHING! Ideas for topics include kids working for a certain grade in school, a belt in karate, a level in gymnastics or the number of push ups/sit ups you can do. It might be about weight loss, reading goals, or simply learning a new skill. Maybe you finally got your garage cleaned out!! LOL! Just feature an accomplishment that you or someone you know attempted and was successful at. Participants will receive a little WA pack from me about this very topic!! =) These would work beautifully with my "The Beauty of You" freebie in the shop! Be sure to pick it up if you haven't already: CLICK HERE Good Luck! Can't wait to see everyone's accomplishments! The Nitty Gritty Details: *Challenge runs from 10/5 to 10/9 *Layouts must be unique and new to the challenge (no double dipping) *You should receive your prize no later than Friday, Oct. 13th (Friday the 13th...lol!)
  3. My daughter caught on to this series in 3rd grade. She LOVED them and was so sad when she got through all the books. This one is about cat clans and Erin Hunter has other series as well: Seekers, Survivors, and Bravelands. You can read more about them HERE. She loved the stories, but also loved that they offered more AR (Accelerated Reader) points than some of the others in the school library.
  4. Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook

    I just recently got an Instant Pot and I LOVE IT!! I'm collecting recipes like crazy and was glad I found this thread again for some cheap recipe books. Anyone have any recipes they love they want to share??
  5. I Spy . . .

    Wires that were under our porch and then shorted out when our front water hose leaked!!!! Yikes! Just got it fixed today. It shorted out a lantern light we have in our front yard. Boy is our yard dark without that!!! Glad to have it back on! I spy something cluttery (we are in a major cleaning phase right now...everything is everywhere at the moment! LOL!)
  6. TPBM - The Person Below Me . . .

    LOL..I'm not a sport addict either! YES!! We just wrapped up one of our better summers as we actually got that family vacation to Hawaii! It had its own challenges but at least we got out of the house for a time. TPBM has already started shopping for Christmas!
  7. The last thing I ate . . .

    A chocolate chip cookie that my daughter baked...yum!! She is getting good at making these! =)
  8. This or That?

    How about sit on the beach IN the shade...under a palm tree...with an umbrella drink??? I want my cake and be able to eat it too!! Beach for me...all the way! Earth tones or Jewel tones?
  9. It's as easy as ABC

    Savannah, Georgia - I'd love to visit there sometime!
  10. Did you know?

    I cannot believe it is September already!! Where did the summer go??! Did you know that now instead of buying replacement bulbs we may be buying replacement light fixtures?? (What's next?) We just had a light above our kitchen sink go out. I really didn't see ANY styles of lights that I really liked so I just picked something simple which happened to be an LED light. I figured it took some LED bulb...NOPE! There is no single large bulb socket. When my husband opened it up it just had several small LED lights that illuminate the area like one single bulb. The light still has the white sphere plastic cover so it looks the same as anything else in our house. It is supposed to last 40+ years according to the box....I guess we'll see!!! LOL!
  11. Did you know?

    Barbara - YES...thank goodness...got that thing done!!! Fran - Oh wow...!! I feel it too as my daughter is starting Jr. High in September!!! How is that even possible!!!???!! Did you know I am continuing to create the yearbook for the elementary school even though my daughter is done there? Yup...glutton for punishment I guess...LOL! Actually, I am keeping my foot in the door in case we DON'T get to move anytime soon and my son attends there. He is only 18 months right now, but I'll want to make his yearbooks fun and amazing too. (You just would have to see my daughter's Kindergarten yearbook to understand...it was BAAAADDD!!!!!)
  12. TPBM - The Person Below Me . . .

    As we speak!!! In Hawaii for 2 weeks - staying with family! YAY! TPBM is a sports addict.
  13. I Spy . . .

    The gecko hopping off my sister's water pot! (Living with nature in Hawaii is a new experience for me) I spy something dripping . . .
  14. This or That?

    Salmon Vacation or "staycation" for you during your next holiday or summertime?
  15. Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook

    I LOVE the free ebooks and these are good suggestions. Does anyone here have an Instant Pot?? I have a crock pot and do lots of cooking - just wondering what people's opinions are of the Instant Pots. I see a few books that are free with recipes for them. =)