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  1. My mom did that with a few of my records! Hope you find your book! So, no, I didn't know you love unicorns... =) Did you know that I have exactly ONE week to complete the yearbook for my daughter's elementary school and ALL life has practically stopped for me until I finish this task!!???!! I have a lot to do and was taking a short mental break here...lol!
  2. Yes! However, my husband (teacher) and my daughter are in different school districts and they don't have the SAME spring break so we never can go anywhere! TPBM has BIG plans for the summer.
  3. Oh...too many to list, but I'll say my truck's back hatch!!!! GRRRR! I can't get the stroller out or the groceries in right now! I spy something green.
  4. Definitely SUMMER!!!!! It is coming...slowly and I'm really happy to be seeing more sunshine! Silver or Gold?
  5. What an amazing picture - I can't get over that camera! Love the kit choice and this photo definitely needed to take center stage. Thank you for playing and for contacting me about the registration issues that prevented being able to join us over the weekend!!! Check your PM for your prize link! =)
  6. Such a sweet layout! Love the curly string and floral cluster along the side! Thanks so much for playing! Check your PM for your prize!
  7. Oh lisar...these are so beautiful and how amazing to have infant pics of both father/son! These turned out great and a big picture is just the way to go for those little bundles of joy!!! Check your mgs...I'll PM you your prize! Thanks so much for joining us in this challenge and for sharing your darling family!!
  8. This is beautiful, Lisa and YES we do want to see them here in this thread too! (Sorry the gallery is having issues!) I love the cutout hearts and how happy you all are!! xoxo
  9. Yes, you can use any of her fabulous designs and it is great to know she plans to get it put back into our new site store!! =)
  10. Well, since I am a SAHM right now, IF I leave the house I have to have my 1 year old son, his diaper bag, my purse, cell phone and re-usable grocery bags because I am probably going shopping! Oh...and if we are going to the park then I need my camera!! =)
  11. This is one of my FAVORITE weekends as far as holidays go -- A weekend ALL ABOUT SCRAPPING!!! =) To celebrate in a big way, we'll be creating a BIG Picture layout for this challenge! Pretty easy, right? You can have a single photo cover from edge to edge or just make one photo larger than the rest on the page - but you really need to make it stand out!! Here are a couple template packs in our store that would fit the bill: LINK LINK Your layout should be unique to this challenge (no double dipping) and the majority of it should use products by current WLS Designers. Please post your layout here in this thread and link it to where it is in the gallery so we can leave you some love! Layouts posted by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, May 7th will be eligible for this prize that coordinates with our WLS FB/Blog Hop! {Start on the WLS Blog and follow all the way to receive some great RAINBOW colored goodies!} Participation Prize: iNSD May'17 Tags & Flags
  12. Oh, this is so sweet! Love the little side clusters with the ballerinas...and could her little costume be any cuter??
  13. This just grabs your attention in the gallery! What a doll! Love the template choice and how fun to see my "The Beauty of You" in action....LOVE THIS!!
  14. This is so bright and cheery - love the corner clusters!
  15. Such a striking design - love the black/white contrast and how this pops in the gallery!