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  1. February Use It All Challenge

    Your page turned out really nice! Love how you cut shapes out of some of the papers adjusted sizes of the elements! LOVE the font you picked and your photos are darling. I may be missing it, but I don't see the white flower..?? Super cute page and thanks sooo much for playing along! =)
  2. I'm Lisa of Kelsey {Inspired} Studios and am here to gift you this FREE mini kit for this month's USE IT ALL Challenge! All you have to do is download it...and, well...use every piece on one new and unique layout to this challenge! There are 4 papers and 10 elements to use any way you like. You can stack, cut or clip the papers and you have to use each ellie once, but can certainly use them more than once if you like. I'm sure everyone has one subject that--Simply Stated--they just LOVE. That is what this kit is all about - show us what you love! You can click right here to download your kit: LINK I'm excited to see how everyone uses this kit! Rules: Create a layout by downloading this mini kit and using each paper and ellie in it somehow at least once. How to earn our Love Tokens: To receive tokens, you must use at least 10% of WLS products - You can use retired WLS products, sample kits, freebies, and store collabs. BUT the designers must be still active (except for store collabs). FOR THIS CHALLENGE YOU ONLY USE THIS MINI KIT AND MUST USE EACH ITEM AT LEAST ONCE! The layout for each challenge must be new and unique. You cannot use the same layout for more than one challenge. Upload your layout to the USE IT ALL CHALLENGE gallery AND this thread Include a picture of the layout you created so we can see it in this thread. Post your links in the MONTHLY TRACKING THREAD as well Challenge ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on the end of month of February 2018! You will receive 1 Love Token for completing this challenge. Those add up quickly and 20 points will get you a $5 gift certificate to the WLS store!
  3. January Lovely Signature Challenge

    These look great, ladies!!
  4. January Lovely Signature Challenge

    To put your image as your "signature" you need to click on your name at the top right corner of the page and choose "Account Settings". Then on the left side choose "Signature" and you can add your image in there. Then it will show up as your signature everytime you post! =)
  5. January Lovely Bingo Challenge

    Your cards look great! Good luck to everyone!
  6. January Lovely Technique Challenge

    Such a fun technique and your pages turned out amazing!!
  7. January Lovely Scraplift Challenge

    Super cute layouts! Love the page design to scraplift and the end results!
  8. January Lovely Font Challenge

    Gorgeous layouts! That fun is a fun one!
  9. January Lovely Shape Challenge

    What a fun idea! My daughter used to be into rainbows around age 4, but never really caught on to unicorns. This would definitely be a challenge page for me, but you ladies did a great job!
  10. January Lovely Pocket Scraping Challenge

    I always love the clean lines of pocket scrapped pages. This is beautiful!
  11. January Lovely 2018 Sample Kit Challenge

    Darling kit and darling pages!! Everyone did such a great job!
  12. January Lovely Avatar Challenge

    These are so fun! Nice job, everyone! =)
  13. January Lovely Colors

    WOOT WOOT!! =)
  14. January Lovely Colors

    Super cute, Barbara - love those postage stamp frames. =) Thanks so much for playing!
  15. January Lovely Colors

    We leave them $1 for a week once they go up in the store so you still have time. =)