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  1. No challenges for may since we had other activities going on. We will start again in June.
  2. Glad to have you here with us!
  3. Gallery should be working now!
  4. You will need a 'P' instead of that 'b'... the coupon code should work now.
  5. Ahh, I am late.. and I see that we lost our chatroom.
  6. Okay I will be back for this!!
  7. Ohh see those would be fun too. Lots of little piece though, would it be worth it?
  8. No more submissions. This ended at the end of the party. Sorry!
  9. 4. Win a 25% off coupon just for playing!! There will be a balance due.
  10. This is so pretty!! I love that Anchor chip. Anchors have a special place in my heart since my husband is ex-Navy. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece!!
  11. So I am find that with Firefox, after talking with my host company, the reason it has issues is because we have images that are on our blog from years ago that belong to previous designers blog sites that are no longer around. Since they are no longer around I am unable to make them an https - secure image. I am researching a work around for that since, there are a lot. I am also learning that you just gotta love these different browsers, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't based on an update that someone has to go fix something in code either on their end or ours. Its been a very not so fun but learning adventure as we try to have them all act the same way, but it won't happen because our software will have an update.. hehe. but we are still trying to get everything figured out. To navigate, I right click and open new window if I have to. But I can tell you that all our issues have been elevated and we have support teams are researching why we have these issues. Thank you for your patience and hopefully one day we can look back on these times and laugh over a nice cup of hot cocoa, while flipping through our latest scrapbook album.
  12. We appreciate you all being here.
  13. Those are awesome!! How fun!!
  14. Great layout Barbara!! Those are some great choices there. This has been fun checking out what you guys like!!