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  1. barbaraj

    May 2018 - Brush challenge

    Here's one from me. This was fun!
  2. barbaraj


    Create Yourself by Chunlin Designs Photo altered with Topaz Simplify
  3. barbaraj

    Font - May 2018

    Love the design of your page with the ribbons making it look like a gift. I like the large words and that lovely rose.
  4. barbaraj

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Spotted 6 bunnies who have consumed 8 carrots . Have also avoided housework by going to Walmart to buy a new toaster oven, read 5 books on my kindle, booked a world cruise and lost 40 lbs. πŸ’ Then visited the psychiatrist for delusions of grandeur.
  5. barbaraj

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Hello all, just checking in. What's new with you all? No, I'm not from Texas. πŸ§“ Saw a fox in our yard yesterday. 🦊 Nice sunny day today. 🌞 I've finished most of the challenges I do and it's only the 16th. πŸ•€ So what do I do for the rest of the month? Oh no, don't say housework! 🏘️ Check in and use some of the new smilies.
  6. barbaraj

    May 2018 Siggy Challenge

    Here's one from me:
  7. barbaraj

    May Siggy

    Motherhood Collab
  8. barbaraj

    May 2018 Template Challenge

    Thanks for the template-here's mine:
  9. barbaraj


    Little Gou Dog by Chunlin Designs Template by Midnight Owl Designs
  10. barbaraj


    Love how you used the patterned paper on this. Lovely photo with great title. Love this!
  11. barbaraj

    May 2018 Technique Challenge

    Thanks for pointing out the ways to use patterned papers. Here's one from me: https://www.withlovestudio.net/community/index.php?/gallery/image/1147-spacey/
  12. barbaraj


    Space Adventures by Charly Renay
  13. barbaraj

    iNSD Charly Renay's Grant My Wish

    Thanks so much! I love the kit you sent me!
  14. barbaraj

    Win your wish @AurΓ©lie Scrap - iNSD 2018

    Thanks so much! You are so generous and your designs are always excellent and fun!
  15. barbaraj


    Love how you used the template! Cute ellies on this!