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  1. Hi Loni! Nice to see you here! Cute layout with the three photos and word arts! I like that background too.
  2. Who won the April featured designers kit? I didn't see that announced either. Just curious as I was the only one that entered! Oh yeah, EVERYONE who posts their TIC TAC TOE card in a month with at least one line complete will be entered to win their choice of a kit from the month's Featured Designers!
  3. I did these Grand Opening Challenges but they disappeared from the forum. I didn't see any winners announced. What happened? Grand Opening Challenges done 1. Hybrid envelops done 2. Pocket Page done 3. One Word positivity done 4. Font challenge
  4. Just saw this! Thanks so much. Lovely kit!
  5. It's May 15! What's going on? Any challenges?
  6. Thanks! What a way to win. Looking forward to playing with your designs!
  7. I couldn't load this to the gallery but here's one I did: Shoppie Friends by Scrappin Serenity Beautiful Inside and Create Yourself by Chunlin Designs As Boundless as the Sea by Midnight Owl Designs
  8. Would love to win! I like that first one up there, and the 2nd one. The third one is especially appealing to me! Love the colors in the 4th one. And the other 3 are really pretty!
  9. I just found this one. So cute!
  10. From the album barbaraj

    Peonies in Paris,Beautiful Inside, and Create Yourself, by Chunlin Designs Blossom by Ousia Studio Scraplift of eminkus
  11. From the album barbaraj

    Colorful Spring by HappyNess Creation
  12. Here's another one with I Can Be Anything by Scrappin Serenity
  13. I Can Be Anything by Scrappin Serenity
  14. How did you learn to design? What do you like about it?
  15. How about this one! Love the tropical flair to it. Is this better Fran?