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  1. beatricemi


    Wow- this is really cool. Love all the brushwork around the edges
  2. beatricemi

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Of course I'm here. I'm sure you can find something else to keep you away from housework. 🤣🐇Sit outside and watch for your bunnies!
  3. beatricemi

    May 2018 Technique Challenge

    Thanks for the technique. Here's mine: https://www.withlovestudio.net/community/index.php?/gallery/image/1154-dance-in-the-rain/
  4. beatricemi

    Dance in the Rain

    Stormy weather Collab For the Technique Challenge TFL
  5. beatricemi

    beatricemi' 2018 Tracking Log

    Points from April: 12 May Challenges Brush Challenge Template Challenge Siggy Challenge UIA Challenge XOXO Challenge Total May: Grand Total
  6. beatricemi

    Aurelie_SpringPearl_pp (12).jpg

  7. beatricemi

    May 2018 Siggy Challenge

  8. beatricemi

    May Siggy

    May XOXO Collab Motherhood For the Siggy Challenge TFL
  9. beatricemi

    May 2018 Template Challenge

    Thanks for the template! https://www.withlovestudio.net/community/index.php?/gallery/image/1150-mod_maytemplatechallenge-beatrice/
  10. beatricemi


    Charly Renay Puppy Kisses For the template challenge includes a free template from MOD TFL
  11. beatricemi


    Pretty- love that orange paper
  12. beatricemi

    Recipe Challenge - iNSD 2018

    Love the word art Aurelie. TY so much!
  13. beatricemi

    iNSD Challenge: I wish for.........My favorite XOXO Collab

    Thanks so much for the generous prize!
  14. beatricemi

    iNSD Layout Challenge: Transform your Scrap

    Gorgeous papers. TY so much!
  15. beatricemi

    Win your wish @Aurélie Scrap - iNSD 2018

    I love my prize. Thanks so much!