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    Kit used is My Amazing Mom Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/my-amazing-mom-bundle/
  2. tomosia

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    Kits used are Darling Doggies Papers, Darling Doggies Elements and Darling Doggies Alphas by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/darling-doggies-papers-2/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/darling-doggies-elements-2/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/darling-doggies-alphas/
  3. tomosia

    Hoppy Easter!

    Kit used is Easter Sunday Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/easter-sunday-bundle/
  4. tomosia


    Kit used is Spring Cuties Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/spring-cuties-bundle/
  5. tomosia

    I Hate Mornings

    Kits used are I Hate Mornings Papers, I Hate Mornings Elements, I Hate Mornings Extra Papers and I Hate Mornings Journal Cards by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/i-hate-mornings-papers/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/i-hate-mornings-elements/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/i-hate-mornings-extra-papers/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/i-hate-mornings-journal-cards/
  6. tomosia

    Baptism Day

    Kit used is God’s Promises Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/gods-promises-bundle/
  7. tomosia

    Girlie Girl

    Kits used are Lil Man or Lil Miss Papers, Lil Man or Lil Miss Elements, Lil Man or Lil Miss Extra Papers and Lil Man or Lil Miss Alphas b Cheryl Day Desgins. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/lil-man-or-lil-miss-papers/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/lil-man-or-lil-miss-elements/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/lil-man-or-lil-miss-extra-papers/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/lil-man-or-lil-miss-alphas/
  8. tomosia


    Kit used is Forever Mine Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/forever-mine-bundle/
  9. tomosia

    Winter Is Here!

    Kits used are Baby It’s Cold Outside Papers, Baby It’s Cold Outside Elements and Baby It’s Cold Outside Plaid Papers by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/baby-cold-outside-papers/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/baby-cold-outside-elements/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/baby-cold-outside-plaid-papers/
  10. tomosia

    Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

    Kits used are Fa La La La La Papers, Fa La La La La Elements, Fa La La La La Wordstrips, and Fa La La La La Plaid Papers by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/fa-la-la-la-la-papers/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/fa-la-la-la-la-elements/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/fa-la-la-la-la-wordstrips/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/fa-la-la-la-la-plaid-papers/
  11. tomosia


    Kit used is My Happy Home by Cheryl Day. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/my-happy-home/
  12. tomosia

    Makeup Artist

    Kit used is Makeup Madness by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/makeup-madness/
  13. tomosia


    Kit used is Laugh til You Cry Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/laugh-til-you-cry-bundle/
  14. tomosia

    Donut Grow Up

    Kit used is Donut Grow Up Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/donut-grow-up-bundle/