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  1. jazzmom

    Today - new from Digital Couture

    I haven't seen a newsletter in a while either ... the only email I've received lately, is the confirmation of my purchases.
  2. jazzmom


    What a fun LO, Barbara! When I first saw the orbiting stars, I thought of a halo! ☺️ & is that your DH in the space ship?? Love the filter effect of your photo -- goes well with your theme!
  3. jazzmom

    Win your wish @Aurélie Scrap - iNSD 2018

    You are so generous! Thank you!! I hope to use it soon!!!
  4. jazzmom

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Too funny, Barbara! As the weekend went by, I got busy with other things & didn't have time to do any scrapping! 😕 But I did have time to shop a few sales... fun for me, but bad for my pocketbook! 😏
  5. jazzmom

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Wow, Tammy! You have a lot of self-control to not buy anything at all!!
  6. jazzmom

    iNSD Charly Renay's Grant My Wish

    When my boys were little they loved dinosaurs. I have many photos of visits to dinosaur exhibits, them playing with dinosaurs, etc. This would be perfect to get those old photos scrapped. Thanks for the chance!
  7. jazzmom

    Win your wish @Aurélie Scrap - iNSD 2018

    This one has my granddaughter's favorite colors -- thanks for the chance!
  8. jazzmom

    iNSD challenge - Big Bold Titles

    Awesome prize!! Beautiful LO, Chantal!
  9. jazzmom

    iNSD Layout Challenge: Transform your Scrap

    Barbara, your original is beautiful -- but your re-do is gorgeous! I love the added touches of the elements & the background paper is lovely!!
  10. jazzmom

    iNSD 2018 - who is ready???

    I love it! I'm excited!! ... & even though I know it's coming, I'm never really ready.
  11. jazzmom

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Hi, Barbara! Wishing you a beautiful May!! Are you getting nicer weather?? The last few days have been cloudy & cold here!! So crazy! Are you getting ready for all the iNSD fun? Hoping I can stay within my budget!!
  12. jazzmom

    iNSD Challenge: Show me the 6th photo on your phone

    Oh, when I re-read the post just now, I thought I read it wrong to start with. Glad to know that you edited it! Thought I must be getting daffy! Here's my 6th photo back; my niece who is expecting her first child at the end of this month...
  13. jazzmom

    iNSD Challenge: Show me the 6th photo on your phone

    I had to go back a ways to find the 6th photo... These kids took a taiko drum class a few summers ago. They are performing at an annual dinner at the local Japanese Friendship Garden.
  14. jazzmom

    iNSD Layout Challenge: Transform your Scrap

    I hope I can find it ... my old laptop crashed a few years ago & I lost almost everything!! & I can't get the thumbnail, as that store closed a few years ago, too! I'll see what I can come up with...