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  2. Positivity3.jpg

    Party challenges - one word POSITIVITY kit used - chunlin - art de vivre https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/art-de-vivre-the-elements/ https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/art-de-vivre-the-papers/
  3. doodle2.jpg

    April Tic Tac Toe Just a little doodle kit used - chunlin_beautiful inside https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/beautiful-inside/
  4. Easter2.jpg

    April Tic Tac Toe element challenge - eggs Kits used - Happiness Creations - Colorful Spring, Spring Blooms, Fresh Watermelon
  5. Rowan-snapshot2.jpg

    April - TIC TAC TOE color challenge - pastels kit used -Happyness Creations - Mon Lavandou
  6. snapchat1.jpg

    April - TIC TAC TOE XOXO Snapchat This is my daughter Heidi using snapchat filters. Kit used Happyness Creations - Colorful Spring https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/colorful-spring-elements-pu-by-happyness-2/
  7. Kaleidoscope2s.jpg

    April - TIC TAC TOE XOXO kit used - Meg Scott - Owlie Scraplift By Sabyne
  8. ISO: Temples Templates

    I found some pics of the temple, and have started to make a template. It may take a while! I didn't realise how intricate it is. Having fun though.
  9. Trouble shooting

    Thanks Pamela. The designer got back to me and sent a link for kit. I am looking forward to play around with it.
  10. ISO: Temples Templates

    If you send me some pictures of your temple, I can make a template for you. ~Helen
  11. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! So good to find WLS up and running again. I am looking forward to some challenges to inspire some scrapbooking. The last 3 months have been so dull without you all. ~Helen
  12. Trouble shooting

    To Admin Thought I'd post some problems I've had with the new website here. Links not working on forum and gallery pages. https://www.withlovestudio.net/blog/shop should be www.withlovestudio.net/blog/shop https://www.withlovestudio.net/blog should be www.withlovestudio.net/blog I purchased some kits today and couldn't download several. Is there a general contact email address available for problems like this? ( I was able to send an email to the designer via Our Team) Great to have WLS up and running. Hope you get through teething problems with site easily. ~Helen