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  1. AMAZING - 2 kits for only 3 bucks! Best deal ever, exclusive to WLS
  2. Oh, I love this! It's wonderful Sondra! I changed it to the right gallery
  3. Amazing foto, Barbara! Love this page, really cool!
  4. It's gorgeous, Lynette!!
  5. Created with my latest kit Nuts about dad - the bundle available here at WLS TFL Chantal

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  6. It's beautiful! thank you so much!!
  7. Created with Pretty awesome by Chunlin designs available here at WLS

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  8. Love it, Lynette!
  9. It's working! and your baby girl is beautiful!!
  10. Created with Peonies in Paris by Chunlin designs

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  11. Created with Let life surprise you my free sample here at WLS

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  12. Welcome to WLS Digi-scrap Welcome back Lizanne !!! So nice to see you
  13. Thanks Lisa! xoxo
  14. Amazing pages ladies!!! Lisa, It's so great to see you here! And I just love to see you guys so happy. This is a wonderful page!!! Lisar, Welcome to the new WLS! So happy to see you joining our challenges! And Wow, did you make beautiful pages. Love them!!! And thank you for using my designs. I promise I'll get the Chinese New Year kits back in my shop.
  15. Little Hou Monkey will be in my store again soon so ... I think it will be OK with Lisa if you use it