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  1. February Lovely 2018 Sample Kit Challenge

    I used All Stitched Up by Meg Scott
  2. All Sitched Up_tmb.jpg

    Lehlani and I, she is such a joy and keeps me smiling. kit is All Stitched up by Meg Scott Studio. You can pick it up here for free.
  3. Super Bowl Bingo

    glad we could help. thank you for the fun
  4. Super Bowl Bingo

    Well I didn't get any numbers right but if I had known that any square could have the number I would habe done it different. I thought that the 1st quarter score had to be in the first row, 2nd quarter had to be in second row, etc. Oh well. I should have just gone back and did an actual card. The one I did was mostly to see if it was on the right track. Anyway, hope your back is better Meg.
  5. sigtag_tmb.jpg

    my tag was made with the XOXOXO Hello 4ever kit found here.
  6. February Lovely Signature Challenge

    I used the XOXOXO Hello 4ever kit. I love flowers, butterflies, and bling.
  7. Super Bowl Bingo

    ok this is my take on this, so if I understand it right, if the Philadelphia Eagles have 0, 7, or 10 at the end of the first quarter then I would win or does it have to be both teams correct so the Patriots would also have to have either 0 or 7. Anyway I know it is a little late, but hope it is done right.
  8. Super Bowl Bingo

    I agree with everyone, I read this too and really didn't get what we are supposed to do and how it works. I don't have anyone to watch the super bowl with this year because those I would normally watch with have decided not to due to all the controversy. But I would love to play the game. But after looking at the card above I am thinking that maybe it depends on the color of the square. So for the first quarter you have 3 chances for the eagles and 2 for the patriots, then the next one would be opposite. Not sure but that is what I am thinking. Hope to get some clear instructions soon so we can be able to get our cards in.
  9. February 2018 Color Challenge

    so is the LO supposed to be just predominately yellow with some other colors or just yellow papers and elements.
  10. January Beginning token count: 0 January challenges: XOXO Collab '3' Photos challenge 100% WLS Avatar: Bingo : Font 100% WLS Pocket Scrapbooking Sample Kit challenge Scraplift challenge Shape Signature Technique challenge Bonus Rewards for an additional 5% coupon: Comment Start Count: Comment End Count: Layout of the Month submission: Gallery Standout (at least 2 submissions): February 2018 1. Color Challenge 2. Journaling Challenge 3. Sample Kit Challenge 4. Song Lyric Challenge 5. Facebook Cover Challenge 6. Template Challenge 7. Selfie Challenge 8. Brush Challenge 9. Signature Challenge 10. Use It All Challenge 11. Scraplift Challenge Bonus Rewards for an additional 5% coupon: Comment Start Count: Comment End Count: Layout of the Month submission: Gallery Standout (at least 2 submissions):
  11. January Lovely '3' Photos Challenge

    My LO using Cheryl Day Designs Baby, It's Cold Outside
  12. frosted_tmb.jpg

    took these photos one day out by Lehlani's school. the bushes looked so pretty all frosted. kit is Baby, It's Cold Outside by Cheryl Day Designs pick up all the parts of the kit in her store here
  13. Free Collab

    oh bummer, I didn't see this and now it is gone, bummer
  14. Gallery Images in WLS Newsletter?

    great idea, it always feels good for people to see their LO's featured, I know I always enjoyed it.