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  1. November Challenge - Repetition Technique

    nice challenge, when will it be posted in the forum? Can I just go ahead and do a LO for it even though it is not in the forum yet.
  2. monthly challenges

    I was wondering that too Barbara. Sure do miss them
  3. just saw these challenges and will try to get to them but real busy this week
  4. just saw these challenges, haven't been on much lately, sounds good sorry I missed it.
  5. was trying to get this done real quick but I am just to tired, I will finish it tomorrow and post my LO even though it will be to late for the contest. Thank you for the template
  6. monthly challenges

    just curious what is going on in the forum, I can't find the monthly challenges. Is there an issue?
  7. Happiness Is

    Quote for a challenge this month- Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.--Nathaniel Hawthorne template by FranB Designs fonts: LD Whimsey, Happy Happy Joy Joy kit is a freebie for a color challenge at another site.
  8. Tina

    Photo of mushrooms that were actually up a tree. Left one original color for the challenge. Kit used is Growing Pains Scrapped Fairy Garden font: Magneto

    I am having trouble again, I am trying to post to the technique challenge gallery, it keeps asking me to create an album, got a LO uploaded, put in all the information in, clicked on finish and it goes back to the first step again. How do you navigate through the steps to upload? I use chrome by the way.
  10. Use It All

    Lehlani at her 7th birthday party.
  11. Little Miss America

    My daughter ready for a 4th of July parade wearing a dress that was made for me when I was just a small girl. kit is America the Beautiful by Growing Pains Scrapped to be released soon
  12. Escape Room - July 21 peek

    The LO's I did with this adorable kit loved the kit
  13. July Bingo card Tina

    Used I Scream You Scream since July is national Ice Cream month kit by Growing Pains Scrapped found here
  14. This or That?

    Fonts, I have way to many though, LOL Salmon or Halibut? (what can I say I live in Alaska)