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  1. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    no, I have not gotten the links nor have I had any answers from Meg either.
  2. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    Still waiting for links
  3. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    so sorry to hear of your health issues and the trouble with the store. I hope you get to feeling better Meg.
  4. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    I still have several links that I haven't gotten and now I can't even find a way to sign into my account.
  5. teenybop61

    iNSD Challenge: I wish for.........My favorite XOXO Collab

    still have not been able to download the links for this kit, any news on when it will be fixed. can't even find a way to sign into my account in the store.
  6. teenybop61

    Store issues

    I still have several files I have not been able to download and now I do not even see a place to sign into my account.
  7. teenybop61

    my mother my friend

    photos are of my mom and I, one in 1963 and one this year. My mom and I have had many adventures together. We worship at church every Sunday together along with my husband, daughter, and son in law. I am truly blessed by God with my amazing mother. kit is My Amazing Mom by Cheryl Day Designs found here
  8. teenybop61

    Win your wish @Aurélie Scrap - iNSD 2018

    thank you so much
  9. teenybop61

    iNSD Challenge: I wish for.........My favorite XOXO Collab

    thank you so much, having trouble getting files downloaded but I sent a PM to Meg Scott. I have several other files I have had trouble with lately also.
  10. teenybop61

    Intermittent issues with Store Purchases

    I PMed you back on the 3rd, did you get anything figured out for my errors.
  11. teenybop61

    May 2018 Scraplift Challenge

    do we choose a layout or scraplift the one you have put above
  12. teenybop61

    I Met a Bear_tmb.jpg

    This is my transformed layout of cute as a button. I took the photos at the Alaska Zoo last month. kit is backwoods by Charly Renay Designs found here font is Bearpaw
  13. teenybop61

    cute button.jpg

    This is a digital layout I did way back in 2006 when I was just starting out. I didn't know anything about shadows. My transformed layout is I Met a Bear.
  14. teenybop61

    Today - new from Digital Couture

    I have not been receiving them either. I tried to sign up again just in case and it doesn't go through.