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  1. From the album Tina aka Teenybop

    Leighanna always brings a smile to my face. I was watching her the other day and she decided we needed to hula. I think she gets the idea from watching Lilo and Stitch. So we dressed up in our Hawaiian dresses and had some fun. kit is Tropical Summer by HappyNess Creations coming soon. font: PC Hawaiian Hut
  2. From the album Tina aka Teenybop

    We played life size Clue one evening for family night. Sam had so much fun with the magnifying glass. He searched for the clues all over with it. Kit is Escape Room by FranB Designs
  3. photos from our hike up Lazy Mountain with Lehlani, Leighanna, Lacey, Kimmie, Rosie, Mikey, Zamia, and myself. Even the little ones enjoy hiking so much and do really well. kit is Girls Camp by Growing Pains Scrapped font: High Strung
  4. Featured Designer: Lovely Colors: XOXO Collab: Create a kit using one of the sample kits: '3' Photos: Scraplift Challenge: Signature: Pocket Scrapbooking: Bingo: https://www.withlovestudio.net/community/index.php?/gallery/image/621-july-bingo-card-tina/ Font Challenge: https://www.withlovestudio.net/community/index.php?/gallery/image/555-go-fly-a-kite/ Journaling Challenge: Lyric: ATC: Shape: Bonus Rewards for an additional 5% coupon: Comment Start Count: Comment End Count: Layout of the Month submission: Gallery Standout (at least 2 submissions): Love Rewards: To earn a 15% discount, you'll need to scrap 5 challenges To earn a 25% discount, you'll need to scrap 10 challenges To earn a 35% discount, you'll need to get complete all the challenges
  5. Finally got a card done, I know it is late but I still wanted to post it. https://www.withlovestudio.net/community/index.php?/gallery/image/621-july-bingo-card-tina/
  6. Used I Scream You Scream since July is national Ice Cream month kit by Growing Pains Scrapped found here
  7. time slipped by me and I forgot to do the bingo card, will get one done soon even though it is late. have fun.
  8. From the album Tina aka Teenybop

    We played life size Clue one evening for family night. Rosie and Kelcee ended up being the guilty ones. I loved the expressions they had after they were "arrested". Kit is Escape Room by FranB font: LD Whatever
  9. Fonts, I have way to many though, LOL Salmon or Halibut? (what can I say I live in Alaska)
  10. Looking forward to getting started working with the awesome kits here at with love.
  11. Petersburg, Alaska
  12. Lehlani flying her kite she made at Colony Days family activities in Palmer, Alaska. kit is Head in the Clouds by Growing Pains Scrapped elements papers font: Painting in the Sunlight
  13. very pretty
  14. November 19
  15. got a few ideas for this one, be back with my LO later this week