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  2. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    Still waiting for links
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  4. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    so sorry to hear of your health issues and the trouble with the store. I hope you get to feeling better Meg.
  5. jazzmom

    May 2018 Template Challenge

    Thank you for the lovely template! I used this month's XOXO collab:
  6. jazzmom

    Mom's Roses

    May template provided by Midnight Owl Designs Motherhood - May 2018 XOXO collab
  7. jazzmom

    Invalid Download Links

    Oh, I had no idea!! What a lot of work ... I feel for you, Meg! Hope it all get sorted out soon. We will patiently wait ...
  8. 강남OP⧃오피쓰O͓̽P͓̽S͓̽S͓̽9͓̽.C͓̽O͓̽M͓̽강남건마⧖강남오피 ↨강남키스방≧ 강남휴게텔℁강남유흥 ◑강남안마⊃강남마사지☭강남밤문화
  9. 강남마사지╭강남오피⇚O̳P̳S̳S̳9̳.C̳O̳M̳오피쓰⊽강남안마☭강남유흥 ⤒강남건마⋥강남밤문화⟝강남키스방π⦒강남휴게텔⧾강남OP⟑ ☶
  10. MegScottStudio

    Invalid Download Links

    Please be patient, I am having to move all the store files to a new location to help with the download link issue, as well, as provide links for entire stores which is taking some time, I promise you, I will make sure everyone gets their products they ordered and within this week. As for the store, it should be down for maintenance so that no one can access it and place any new orders because this is causing me more problems as I have to check those orders against the link issue list. I hope to have a new set-up for the store within a month, so if you could please bare with me as I work to fix these problems. Thank you so much.
  11. {KISS} kelseyll

    Invalid Download Links

    I've alerted the owner about the questions in this thread. I know she wants people to have the products they purchased and she will make sure you do! 😃 As for the store - it is broken. I know she is working behind the scenes to see what can be done about it.
  12. jazzmom

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Well, right in the middle of iNSD weekend, I got busy working on a project for my husband ... so I haven't had time to scrap at all!! Late nights, early mornings ... my eyes were getting blurry. But I finally finished the other day ... so after resting up, I'm ready to scrap! Maybe I can get one layout done before the month ends...
  13. jazzmom

    Hello, Barbara! It's May ...

    Oh, same here ... but some of the sales were just too good to pass up! So I went a little overboard. 😕
  14. jazzmom

    Invalid Download Links

    I was just wondering the same thing as Tina ... when we are in the store, how do we access our account? How do we find our order history? & where are our downloads? I get so confused here ... The only log in place I can find, is when I have something in my cart & go check out. I want to be sure that I haven't already ordered something. My mind is going & sometimes I can't remember from a few days ago, if I had already purchases something. LOL!
  15. teenybop61

    Invalid Download Links

    I still have several links that I haven't gotten and now I can't even find a way to sign into my account.
  16. teenybop61

    iNSD Challenge: I wish for.........My favorite XOXO Collab

    still have not been able to download the links for this kit, any news on when it will be fixed. can't even find a way to sign into my account in the store.
  17. teenybop61

    Store issues

    I still have several files I have not been able to download and now I do not even see a place to sign into my account.
  18. Chunlin

    May 2018 - Brush challenge

    Wonderful Barbara! I always love the special effects on your photos. Thanks for playing.
  19. beatricemi


    Wow- this is really cool. Love all the brushwork around the edges
  20. barbaraj

    May 2018 - Brush challenge

    Here's one from me. This was fun!
  21. barbaraj


    Create Yourself by Chunlin Designs Photo altered with Topaz Simplify
  22. teenybop61

    my mother my friend

    photos are of my mom and I, one in 1963 and one this year. My mom and I have had many adventures together. We worship at church every Sunday together along with my husband, daughter, and son in law. I am truly blessed by God with my amazing mother. kit is My Amazing Mom by Cheryl Day Designs found here
  23. Chunlin

    May 2018 - Brush challenge

    Wonderful, thanks for playing!
  24. barbaraj

    Font - May 2018

    Love the design of your page with the ribbons making it look like a gift. I like the large words and that lovely rose.
  25. {KISS} kelseyll

    May 2018 Font Challenge

    Very nice, Tammy! I love the look of the large title on this! Thanks so much for playing!
  26. tomosia


    Kit used is My Amazing Mom Bundle by Cheryl Day Designs. https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/my-amazing-mom-bundle/
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