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  3. FWP

    Thank you...I got the email with the link for the download.
  4. FWP

    The free with purchase should have automatically been added to your cart when you went over your $10. So you should have the downloads already but I will check to see what is going on. UPDATE: EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT OUT
  5. FWP

    Pam, I am one of the designers here. I will contact admin to make sure they see your post. Thank you for shopping with us. Lori Moore Moore Blessings Digital Design
  6. FWP

    Well, I did not use my Points but I still have not heard on the Free With Purchase.
  7. Granddaughter

    Credits: Aurelie Scrap ~ Desert Rose, SS21 ~ template 220917, fonts ~ Margot and Maiandra GD
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  9. just saw these challenges and will try to get to them but real busy this week
  10. just saw these challenges, haven't been on much lately, sounds good sorry I missed it.
  11. was trying to get this done real quick but I am just to tired, I will finish it tomorrow and post my LO even though it will be to late for the contest. Thank you for the template
  12. Wow that is beautiful! It reminds me of the dress from 'Enchanted'
  13. Okay who's ready to play? I updated my scrapbook... with pictures of me with my loves through this year... How fun is this to see how we've changed...
  14. Fall Birthdays

    Who has a fall birthday? Two of my kids have fall birthdays. One in September and the other in October, actually tomorrow. What do you love about fall birthdays? I feel like we always have to do Halloween themed parties... maybe that's just what my kids like though. What are some things you've done for fall celebrations?
  15. Fall Festivals

    In Utah, this time of year, Pumpkin patches are a big hit! My kids love going on the hay rides and picking our their own pumpkins. This pic is from 6 years ago or so... they're now age 13, 11, and 9.
  16. Chatter - what do you love to scrap the most?

    Yes! Disney trips for sure! And I'm so behind... I'm random. Sometimes I love to scrap anything with my cute kids. Other times I take a trip down memory lane and scrap myself when I was younger. And other times, I do a bit of family history scrapping. I just love it all!
  17. Angelwings

    Rachelle's Scraps & Pieces
  18. iDSD '17 Use It All Challenge

    Ok, so sorry about that! I've fixed all the links and so now they should all be good to go! Please let me know if you have any other issues - and again I am so sorry for the inconvenience!
  19. iDSD '17 Use It All Challenge

    Urgh!!! I feel your frustration ... trust me. I will be back at my computer later this evening and will get the links sorted out. So so sorry for this issue!
  20. iDSD '17 Use It All Challenge

    Urgh!!! I feel your frustration ... trust me. I will be back at my computer later this evening and will get the links sorted out. So so sorry for this issue!
  21. Do you have a favorite thing to scrapbook? Birthdays, holidays, yearly trips, traditions? Personally, scrapping our Disney trip photos is always my favorite.
  22. The mini kit that downloads is not the same as the one pictured, there is no coupon in it, and the link above to your store is not working. It says the page is not found. I'd love to do this challenge, but I can't use pieces I don't have.
  23. FWP

    Before I check out, do I add the FWP kit to my cart? I have about $11 in my cart so I believe I get the Weekend Warrior free...do you send it to me later or do I add it to my cart? And can I use points and still get the FWP? Pam
  24. HAPPY DSD!!! What are you getting???!!

    Ok, so I'm sure I'm not alone when I say DSD is just like CHRISTMAS for any scrapper!! The deals are always amazing and my poor wish lists end up bulging at the seams once my DSD dollars are spent! Show me what you've found here at WLS that you are picking up!! I've been eyeing this one by Growing Pains Scrapped - Girls Camp! My daughter just went for the first time this summer and she is STILL talking about it! She already has plans to go again next year and CANNOT WAIT for June to get here! (Me too, I'm such a SUMMER girl!! So, what has caught your eye?? https://withlovestudio.net/blog/product/girls-camp-kit/
  25. Fall Festivals

    Autumn is a time for all kinds of Festivals and Arts & Craft fairs, all over the country. In West Tennessee, we have the cotton festival, soybean festival, harvest festivals, October festivals, even a banana festival. What are some celebrations or festivals in your area?
  26. susan_cdss_SIMP_family-web.jpg

    Kit: Sunshine in My Pocket by Scrappin Serenity
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