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  1. I 2nd that one, me2. Happy 2C WLS back up & running again.
  2. If in need of more templates, they are fun to make & I am willing to contribute!!
  3. I thought I'd introduce myself @ UR new 4um (forum), to get the ball rolling........Many of you know me, & heard this @ the previous 4um, however here it is again: L.O.L. I'm creative @ most things I set my mind to do. Being creative comes naturally for me, I enjoy taking part in challenges & jumping hurdles, in regards to learning new things: I learn visually & I also learn by hands on. I also create own designs in my head regading cellphone holders, & have things in my head, I still have yet to create, like a framed window, with slidding curtains, etc.......!! I lay out pictures on an 11x17 piece of paper, edge to edge. When there is an open space, I add some decorative element & this is how I got into scrapbooking & then digital scrapbooking, as my SIL introduced me into Stampin' Up. I'd get my 11x17 layout color copied & then I'd have them (the copy Shop) laminate the copy & sometimes I'd do a double sided facemate. I have a bunch of them to decorate the table with & then when having company over, it turns into an awesome conversation piece @ the table. Then we pass the facemats around, as it gets their curiosity up & they want to see more. I love to do Digi-Scrap & to create cards & I have Jewelry & Sewing/Quilt classes that I take on Mondays. I'm a homemaker to my wonderful husband who is a trucker, he is OTR 2-3 wks @ a time & he is a wonderful cook & we love to travel & have traveled to various places below: Europe: Germany & Switzerland & Australia & Italy & Brittian: England & Scotland. Asia: S. Korea I was born in & lived in Delaware for a few years, & Scotland for a few years where my twin brothers were born (they died @ Birth) & my sister was born there, then we moved to Sacramento & raised most of my life in Grizzly Flats, California & lived in Marquette/Harvey Michigan & lived in various area's of San Diego, California & also in Grass Valley & Vermont & I presently live in Arizona & love it here & have lived here since 1997. I'm married to a wonderful husband by the name of Shawn, & medically speaking can't have children & have a wonderful dog by the name of Sara & recently have acquired some new puppies (Plott Hounds). Being a homemaker, allows me plenty of time to work @ home & take care of puppies & play on the computer!! Longing to see the new challenges. Willing to start some of my own, if it is permissible.
  4. Love UR Quote theme & picture!!
  5. Lovely Layers & picture!!