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  2. heres some i woul love to have thanks for the chance!
  3. hers some from me thanks for the chance!
  4. i cant post pic - no option to copy it o heres links to ones i wish ofr thanks for the chance!
  5. Friends - Will & Grace - The Big Bang Theory gimme 3 horror movies you like
  6. flying to Berlin (not really ) - Savage what is your favourite flower?
  7. white
  8. I do love templates so these are absolutely in my wishlist: the wordarts: and your kits: That little lion is soooo adorable! wonderful colors stunning kit! my month great pastel kit! amazing! I know that this is more than something but it's not my fault if your creations are soooo beautiful! Thanks for the chance! <3
  9. me too I love Christmas so this is a must have for me! and this and this one too (it's not about Christmas but I adore the colors you used): thanks for the chance! <3
  10. I truly love these: thanks for teh chance! <3
  11. I love these: great products!!! <3
  12. Happiness is by Christaly Scrap and Summers' Meadow Collection by Clever Monkey Graphics & Key Lime Digi Design
  13. Of course, my favorite holiday is Christmas! I could put this one to good use!
  14. My second favorite holiday is the 4th of July - I love fireworks!
  15. I love the colors used in this kit!
  16. Here's one I need...I love in South Carolina and wear flip flops all year!
  17. Aaaannnnd, we are campers, so this one would be terrific!
  18. And, hey! My stepson is getting married on May 5th so this one would be great!
  19. And I love the colors in this one!
  20. And here's another one, since I'm so old, and not getting any younger...LOL!
  21. Yesterday
  22. Couldn't let Barbara have all the fun! Here's one I'd like, I love the beach!
  23. Sent mine in...
  24. I began designing during the first Stuff to Scrap Designer challenge (a long long time like 8-9 years ago). We competed for a spot to sell there, but the competition also came with a little designer mentoring. What do I like about designing... it's an inexpensive way to let my creative side out, and it's mess free! It also feels rewarding to create something for other people to use in order to keep their treasured memories.
  25. Barbara! You're rocking these layouts!
  26. From the album eminkus

    made with PEONIES IN PARIS kit by Chunlin Designs

    © eminkus

  27. From the album barbaraj

    Peonies in Paris,Beautiful Inside, and Create Yourself, by Chunlin Designs Blossom by Ousia Studio Scraplift of eminkus
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